Welcomes To Kamdhenu Air Service

Kamdhenu Air Service is daily based courier service. We are reliable, prompt, efficient and professional managed courier company which offers to meet all your logestic solutions from a single source.

We are proud to introduce ourselves as a group of committed, diverse and people force who believes in their company with our winning attitude. Business today is focusing on how it can deliver goods and services to global markets in a timely and reliable manner.

Kamdhenu Air Service arrived on the scene in the year 1985, a time when the concept of courier service was almost unheard of in India. People had to wait for days to see their consignments being delivered.

Our arrival brought a stream of fresh air to those who were looking for a speedy, reliable and efficient service provider who could understand their needs, meet the deadlines and provide personalized services. Kamdhenu Air Service offers a unique service to courier any time worldwide from India.

Faster Delivery

Cover All Location

Same Day/ Next Day Delivery

Air/ Cargo